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How long will EverScent Gel last?

We wish there was an easy formula that would give that answer. The real answer is that it depends on temperature, humidity, sunlight, how many vents are exposed and how long the vents are exposed per hunt.

The short answer is a lot longer than liquid urine poured onto a cotton ball, piece of paper towel or wick.

Considering a normal hunting scenario for where you hunt a stand for a few hours exposing the scent tube vents and then when finished hunting you close the tube and take it with you, EverScent can be used for many hunts lasting several weeks to months.
  • Our worst case scenario testing would have made jerky from a strip steak. It had the following conditions:
  • The scent tube was placed in southern exposure, in full sun.
  • The temperature during the days was 90+ degrees, night temperatures were in the upper 70s.
  • The wind was brisk and the tube was wide open with all vents exposed.
  • The crystals reduced to a smaller semi-dry state in 3 to 4 days.
  • Even when the crystals reduce in size scent was still present.

How will I know when EverScent is done?

The scent absorbed by EverScent will evaporate over time when the vents are exposed. The crystals will get smaller over time and you will be able to see this through the tube as they become smaller.

Eventually the crystals will return to a small “sea salt” sized state at the bottom of the tube. Little or no evaporation occurs when the tube is closed ,scent is present during the reduction process. A small amount of water (a teaspoon or less per scent tube) can be added to rehydrate the crystals. This will reduce the strength of the scent produced but can get you by in a pinch. Sigma Outdoors will be offering pre-charged crystal refill tubes in the coming weeks that can refill the tubes or be used for mock scrapes. Again, how long this takes process takes will depend on many factors.

So how can I get the longest use out of my EverScent?

  • When hunting with EverScent, if the situation allows for them to be deployed in shady or sunny area, choose the shady area. This is not a requirement, but this section is about extending the longevity of the product.
  • If used in a sunny area, exposing fewer of the vents will help reduce the evaporation rate.
  • When done hunting close the scent tube until it is just snug on the black O-ring on the bottom and put back in the bag provided when you purchased EverScent.
  • When storing EverScent, keep them out of direct sunlight and intense heat. For example putting them on the dashboard of your truck with the windows closed on a sunny day is not the best case scenario!
  • If it is possible when you are not hunting for weeks or many days you can store them in a refrigerator or cool place away from sunlight exposure. EverScent fully hydrated contain approximately 2 oz. of real natural urine or glandular and/or food based scent (depending on what type of scent you purchased). Keeping them from steaming if exposed to direct sunlight when closed will help prolong the effectiveness of the natural scent.