Sigma Outdoors
Twist, Hang, Hunt.

We are composed of a group of friends that grew up hunting and fishing together. The two founders, Rich and Daryl met each other on an hot, strange and busted down bus trip to Colorado during our youth. Neither of us had any idea what our parents had signed us up for, or that it would be the beginning of a life long friendship that started with us trying to figure out how to make sling-shots out of underwear bands once we saw the jack rabbits of the Midwest. The rest of that story is probably best left for another time.

Let’s just say that through the years neither the passion nor inspiration that started with underwear slingshots has gone away. Though our lives and locations changed throughout the years, Rich, Daryl and our Pro Staff have always re-grouped for at least one if not many hunting or fishing adventures a season. Our friendship bond is strong and it means everything to the success of this company.

While we enjoy all aspects of hunting, it is bow hunting is our true passion. The fact that the deer aren’t spooked by gunfire makes this time in the woods the true apex of the hunting season. Bow season allows the use of all manners of hunting tactics while the deer are still in a calm and natural state. While perhaps unknown to the hunting nation, the southern tier of Western New York offers some of the finest habitat and hunting around. This is where we grew up and continue to hunt and test our products.

The name Sigma signifies two things. First it was part of the name of my college fraternity; which was a true brotherhood where we still keep in contact to this day. Also, uppercase Sigma ∑ is a Greek letter that is used as a symbol for summation in mathematics. It is a shorthand way of saying you want to sum up a bunch of numbers. We're hoping when you want to sum up your hunting or fishing experience, you'll think Sigma Outdoors.

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