Zero mess deer scents. No smelly fingers, easy, fast deployment, long lasting.

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Durable Plastic Twist Ties 8 inch (Pack of 10) EverScent Gel Tech - Scent Pack EverScent Twist Dispenser - 3 Pack
Use to wrap or tie the EverScent Twist Dispenser. 2 Oz of Gel Tech Deer Scent, includes one EverScent Twist Dispenser. Empty dispenser with vents and o-ring..
Reflect/Glow Stickers (for EverScent Twist Dispensers) Deer Dope Aging Deer on the Hoof - 24"x18" POSTER
Bling up your EverScent Twist Dispensers. Thick brush-able, micro bead deer scent. A 24 inch x 18 inch POSTER version of our popular Aging Deer on the Hoof.  The dollar bill in some of the poster images is for scale.
EverScent Wicks (3 pack)
Unique wick design fits perfectly inside the EverScent Dispenser.
More about EverScent

The EverScent line of products including our flagship Gel Tech Deer Scent, Twist Dispenser and Deer Dope are innovative deer scent lure and attractant products. Our deer scents offer a zero mess alternative to other deer scents and attractants on the market. In addition, our deer scent products are made to give you long lasting scent dispersion with slow evaporation, ensuring you get most out of your deer scent purchase. Hang EverScent Twist Dispensers with Gel Tech to attract deer, they double as yardage markers. Add Deer Dope to your deer scent arsenal and brush on your boot for an instant deer scent drag that lasts hundreds of yards and you can refresh as you go and create quick scent hotspots by brushing on trees and foliage. Check out our testimonials and more on our YouTube Channel.