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Twist Ties 8 inch (Pack of 10) Reflect/Glow Stickers EverScent Wicks (3 pack)
Reflect/Glow Stickers
Our Price: $2.95
Use to wrap or tie the EverScent Twist Dispenser. Reflective, low light stickers for your EverScent Twist Dispensers. Unique wick design fits perfectly inside the EverScent Dispenser.
EverScent Citronella Refresh 1oz Deer Dope EverNip EverScent Catnip Toy
EverScent Cat Nip Toys
Our Price: $8.95
EverScent Citronella 100% all natural citronella refresh dropper. Thick brush-able, micro bead deer scent. 3 Toys per pack, cats love them. Refillable, reusable.
EverScent Twist Dispenser - 3 Pack EverScent Citronella Insect Repellent Plantain Astringent
Plantain Astringent
Our Price: $9.95
Empty dispenser with vents and o-ring.. 3 Pack, 100% natural citronella oil impregnated wicks sealed in EverScent Dispensers. A soothing and healing astringent for eczema, bug/insect bites, stings, cuts, scrapes, burns and minor skin irritations
EverScent Gel Tech - Scent Pack Aging Deer on the Hoof - 24"x18" POSTER
2 Oz of Gel Tech Deer Scent, includes one EverScent Twist Dispenser. A 24 inch x 18 inch POSTER version of our popular Aging Deer on the Hoof.  The dollar bill in some of the poster images is for scale.