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Combo Pack (click to view)
Our best selling package. Contains One Enticer, One Estrus and One Dominant Buck
* Want the best of them all for a great price? Get the combo pack. Given the longevity of EverScent this will last you all season and all the different parts of the rut. You can't go wrong with this. We can make custom Combo Packs, just tell us your three choices in the notes and we'll do our best to accommodate the order!
All Season Enticer (click to view)
Our best single seller. A twelve ingredient food, glandular and urine blend. Piques whitetail curiosity.
* Use anytime and watch them sniff, tap and enjoy Enticer.
Doe Estrus (click to view)
Collected from mature doe at the peak of her estrus (reproductive) cycle. Drive the bucks crazy!
* Use during the pre-Rut and during the rut for best results
Dominant Buck(click to view)
Collected from the Dominant Mature Bucks, 4 years old or better.
* Use pre-rut, post-rut and during rut to keep the big boys checking things out.
Acorn, Apple or Grape (click to view)
An excellent sweet acorn, apple or grape smell helps to attract deer as well as acting a a cover scent.
* Use any time as an attractant or cover scent