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Peanut Jar Golf Cup : Eat your way to better putting DIY

Did you know that a bulk food container like those used for peanuts is almost exactly the same size as a regulation golf hole? I say almost because the one I used is 4" in diameter which is just a quarter inch shy of the 4.25" regulation size. The weird thing is, when you look at the container, your first thought is "there is no way a golf hole is THAT big." It is, and we still miss from 2 feet.

The idea came when attempting to do some practice putting during the off season. I was always looking for a suitable target to aim at. I would pick a spot on the wall, a chair leg or a corner of the room.
Then I saw one of these containers and thought : this would be perfect to use! It is cheap, easily portable and it makes a nice "thud" sound when the putt is made. As an added benefit, make a slight tip of the container with your foot and the golf ball(s) roll right out (see video below).

Now you can DIY and practice putting right from your home or office. In just a few simple steps you can be improving your putting in no time.

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Use the snips to create a "V" as shown below so it is easier to cut the softer, thinner plastic with the scissors.

As you can see by the last picture I made the cut about 3" instead of 4" to ensure that the putt has to be in the "heart" of the hole.
The nice part about this is you can make several different sizes, all it will cost you is a few more pounds on the scale as you
eat your way though more bulk food. Maybe Bubba will go up to 182 lbs after a few of these.

Here's a edited video of how it is used. You should see the real take! The nerves got to me and I missed three times.
Maybe I'll post that one some time so you can all laugh at me.
I wonder how the pros do it when there are millions of dollars on the line!

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