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Our scents come in a variety of choices, but we also know some of you are in states where urine based scents can't be used due to concerns about CWD. That's why we offer synthetic based versions of our Deer Dope and Estrus Twist Gel products. Click the products below learn more, see videos and testionials. Each of the products has a drop down for the scent type where you can pick SYNTHETIC as your choice. Our synthetic scents come from a a proven supplier and have been field tested for years.

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EverScent Synthetic Scents

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Deer Dope EverScent Deer Dope - Deer Scent

Click for scent options (Estrus, Dominant Buck etc). Deer Dope is 2oz of a zero mess brush-able deer scent gel with suspended micro gel crystals.  Use Deer Dope on the bottom of your boot while going to the stand for an instant scent trail. Brush it on trees, limbs and brush as you get closer to your hunting spot.  No mess, brush in cap included.

Our Price: $8.95
EverScent Doe Estrus - Twist Gel EverScent Doe Estrus - Twist Gel

3 Pack, excellent for late pre-rut and rut.  Doe Estrus is taken from mature females at their peak time.  Attract the big boys! Also available in synthetic estrus.

Our Price: $11.95
Deer Dope EverScent Deer Dope Triple Threat

The triple threat is 6 oz of deer scent, you get three bottles. One bottle of All Season Enticer to keep them coming no matter what the season, a bottle of Dominant Buck to attract the aggressive big boys and a bottle of Estrus for the rut.

Our Price: $26.85
Sale Price: $19.95
Savings: $6.90