3 Pack, EverScent Citronella uses 100% all natural citronella oil to keep bugs away.   We impregnate each wick with natural citronella oil and seal it within our EverScent dispenser tube.  Add to your zika defense! Do you want just one tube of EverScent for the lowest price? This is your option, get a single twist tube with the scent of your choice. 3 Pack. This is our BEST seller.  This pack contains one each of EverScent Doe Estrus, All Season Enticer & Dominant Buck.  This is easily a $50 package if you had to buy separate scents and dispensers in a retail store!
Deer Dope EverNip EverScent Catnip Toy
EverScent Doe Deer Dope
Our Price: $8.95
EverNip EverScent Cat Nip Toy - 3 Toys Per Pack
Our Price: $9.95
Sale Price: $7.95
EverScent CHOICE Wick Scent Dispenser
Our Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $11.95
Deer Dope is a no mess brushable scent gel with microbeads.  Use Deer Dope on the bottom of your boot while going to the stand for an instant scent trail. Brush it on trees, limbs and brush as you get closer to your hunting spot.  No mess, brush in cap included. One of the best interactive catnip toys to hit the market.  Refillable, reusable and won't end up under the couch! 3 Pack wick scent dispenser.  Our unique wick design and deployment mechanism gives you fast, easy, no-mess deployment, you pick the scent of your CHOICE.
EverScent Food Based
3 Pack. A special blend of 12 ingredients which contains natural deer and food based scents that pique the interest of deer all season long. Our #1 testimonial scent, deer LOVE it! 3 Pack. Use any of these great scents for cover or an attractant.. 3 Pack, excellent for late pre-rut and rut.  Doe Estrus is taken from mature females at their peak time.  Attract the big boys!
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